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Men`s seamless T-shirt TAS Men`s seamless T-shirt TAS Men`s seamless T-shirt TAS Men`s seamless T-shirt TAS
Men`s seamless T-shirt TAS

Men`s seamless T-shirt TAS

Kód: UNW-P05-TAS
Men's seamless T-shirt with minimun amount of seams made of luxury material with a high content of polypropylene.
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Men's functional seamless T-shirt in modern design. Minimum amount of seams eliminates unnecessary skin irritation. Some parts and structures are knitted, not sewn for optimal ventilation of the skin. Luxurious extra flexible material with high content of polypropylene ensures optimal microclimate and skin temperature. Thanks to new ribbed structure used on the material, it provides better grip to the body. The material will therefore embrace your body like the second skin. The polypropylene fiber is lightweight, is excellent for thermo-insultion, drains sweat, leaves the skin dry and odorless, retains the color and prevents bacterial growth. It also provides maximum moisture removal and rapid drying. It has a slightly negative electrical charge that has a positive effect on the human organism. Polyamide gives the material greater strength and resistance to mechanical strain. Elastane adds flexibility to the product and helps maintain its shape.

Material is suitable for increased physical exercise, helps to maintain optimal skin temperature, eliminates temperature fluctuations when alternating great effort and resting phase (eg active phase of skiing and later passive phase on the cable car). It prevents from getting cold. Usage: ideal as the first layer for winter sports, bivouacing and hiking in colder weather. All year round as a separated layer for jogging, cycling, etc. The T-shirt is also great under the motorcycle overalls. The product is ultra light and storable. We recommend to wear with VIDOR bottom set in the same design.

Material: 71% polypropylene, 21% polyamide, 8% elastane

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Integrovaný úplet polypropylenu, polyesteru a elastanu. Způsob pletení eliminuje švy a tím se minimalizuje podráždění pokožky. Vysoký podíl polypropylenu zajišťuje rychlý odvod potu od pokožky a velmi snadno se suší. Polypropylen při nasáknutí potu nestudí stejně jako bavlna, proto zajišťuje tepelný komfort při celoročním užití.
Vhodný na celoroční použití zvláště na aktivní sporty.

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