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Women's functional sweatshirts, pullovers and vests

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A warm layer does not necessarily mean a thick layer, at least not when it comes to Klimatex women's outdoor sweatshirts and undershirts. Perfectly functional polypropylene combined with cotton creates a warming and super-soft second layer of clothing which does not get in your way you when you are moving. The thin material and perfectly fitting cut of Klimatex women's sweatshirts will allow you to show off your body's curves without being cold even when it is freezing. A quality functional sweatshirt isn't useful just in winter but all year round for different kinds of sporting and outdoor activities. Undershirts are an ideal "partner" when it's windy and warm (you are cold in a T-shirt and too hot in a jacket). It keeps the internal organs warm without unnecessary overheating of the whole body. Klimatex women's outdoor sweatshirts and undershirts combine functionality and interesting design.
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