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NIKOL women's pulloverNIKOL women's pulloverNIKOL women's pulloverNIKOL women's pulloverNIKOL women's pulloverNIKOL women's pulloverNIKOL women's pulloverNIKOL women's pullover
NIKOL women's pullover

NIKOL women's pullover

Functional women's pullover.
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Functional women's pullover with a zipper and slimming effect. The pullover has constricted waist, high collar and zipper that makes it easier to put on and enhances its thermoregulation. The pullover has drop tail and elastic thumb loop in the bottom part of the sleeve. The bottom hem of the pullover and sleeves have elastic binding that makes the pullover fit to the body more tightly and thus improves its insulation properties. Integrated cotton and polypropylene knitwear, excellent thermo-insulating properties, a special knitwear design with a high content of air in plush loops on the inner side. Polypropylene has the lowest weight, highest breathability, fast moisture transfer ability, special relief bond for perfect skin ventilation and thermoregulation, maximum moisture transfer, it is suitable allergic people and has a permanent UV filter no. 7. Prolen® Siltex is a special polypropylene fibre modified with an antibacterial additive consisting of biogenic silver ions which are harmless both to the body and the environment. Silver ions prevent the growth of bacteria and moulds, reduce unpleasant odours and maintain biological balance of skin during top or recreational sports activities. As the additive is applied into the fibre mass and not just on its surface, it doesn't migrate from the fabric to the skin and stays in the fabric permanently, even after multiple washing.

Use: The 1st and the 2nd layer, ideal for winter sports and as the 2nd layer in cold weather.

Material: 53% polypropylene, 47% cotton

integrovaný úplet polypropylenu a bavlny

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