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Dámské triko dlouhý rukáv ASHRA (MERINO)Dámské triko dlouhý rukáv ASHRA (MERINO)
Dámské triko dlouhý rukáv ASHRA (MERINO)

ASHRA (WIMBI) women's long sleeve tee

Women's thermal long sleeve tee made of Merino wool.
This product is not offered any more

Women's thermal long sleeve tee. It has in the inside MERINO wool, on the outside MODAL fabric. The tee has very good thermo-insulating properties, drop tail and the sleeves are sewn into a cuff. Compared to ordinary wool, Merino wool is lighter, softer and more pleasant to the touch. However, it retains all positive qualities of ordinary wool, such as quick moisture absorption, breathability, low wrinkling and ability to give warmth when wet. Modal is pleasant and smooth to the touch and absorbs moisture quickly. Contrary to wool it cools down when wet. Combining both materials in a two-layer knitted fabric resulted in a knit with an excellent thermoregulation properties which retains the ideal body temperature. During strain the body produces more sweat and warms up, therefore the sweat wicks through the knitwear and cools modal and the body temperature drops (no hyperthermia). After the strain the wool warms the body up so there is no hypothermia happening. The fabric is non-allergic. Owed to the unique character of the woolen fabric there is no growth of bacteria so that the tee does not have an unpleasant odour even during long-term wearing. The woolen products adapt to your body temperature, thus the body does not produce too much sweat even in warm climate. Contrary, in winter the wool insulates perfectly. For a better shape stability the fabric contains a little amount of polyamid. Thanks to the modal the tee is very pleasant to wear.

Use: suitable for cold weather as the 1st layer. Convenient for various winter sports.

Material: 52% MERINO wool, 48% micro MODAL

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