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  • New e-shop launched in April
  • The third shop in Prague at the Galerie Butovice shopping centre in opens May
  • The company´s headquarters moves during autumn from Brno to the new site in Letovice part of which being a new shop
  • 100 000 Facebook fans



  • The fourth shop in Brno at the Královo pole shopping centre opens. Klimatex now has 9 shops and 75 000 Facebook fans



• Widening our range of goods of cycling garment, fitness collection, sport shoes and ski jackets and pants.
• Over  49 000 Facebook fans
• New shop opens in Moscow


• 4 new shops in Plzeň, Jihlava, Brno and Ostrava opens
• 10 000 Facebook fans
• Widening our sortiment of sport backpacks and kid´s thermal underwear
• Complete re-design of our official website during autumn
• Klimatex Club Card membership launches in November


• 2 shops open in Brno and Prague
• New official website connected to the warehouse is launched in October
• Widening the sortiment of swimsuits and cleaning and water-repellent preparations


• Widening the sortiment of the second and the third layer of garments and other sport accessories. Klimatex manufactures outdoor pants and soft shell jackets for the first time in history


• Founding of Klimatex, a.s. company by separating from the Research knitwear institute, a.s.
• Birth of our new logo, new website, focusing on widening of the sortiment
• New shops in Prague open


• Beginning of the co-operation with sport retail chain Sportisimo where one can buy almost anything from the Klimatex sortiment


• With new management of the company the new business strategy and building of the new brand image begins


• the Research knitwear institute as the state-owned enterprise is dissolved and newly formed the Research knitwear institute, a.s. is founded. All its know-how is being used for the start of series production of the Klimatex system on the commercial basis


• The beginning of industrial production of functional products of the future trademark Klimatex from one-component integrated knitwear
• Production of complete functional sortiment including socks starts


• Since the birth of Klimatex the scientists from the Research knitwear institute were granted 9 invention certificates from the Inventions and discoveries authority
• Unique products manufactured according to the patents were awarded at the international fares


• One of the new research areas which has been neglected until now is physiology of clothing
• Manufacturing of the newest chemical fibre – polypropylene begins
• Owed to the softness of polypropylene fibre a new consideration at the Research knitwear institute has taken place. Why not to try to use the fibre as a part of manufacturing clothes? That is when Klimatex emerges on the market.


• the Research knitwear institute in Brno is founded
• Individual research teams were concerned with technology, manufacturing and modification of traditional textile materials and at the same time also with the development of new especially synthetic textile materials, particularly of those which were not used until nowadays

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